ESG Consultancy Services

We Deliver Well-designed and Engage Programs That Help Learning. Our Comprehensive Services Encompass:

Sustainability Reporting:

Transparent reporting is key to building trust and showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Let us guide you through the process and elevate your reporting standards.

Sustainability Strategy and Framework:

Crafting a robust sustainability strategy is vital for long-term success. We specialize in developing tailored frameworks that align with your business goals while making a positive impact on the planet.

ESG Training and Capacity Building:

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance factors. Our expert-led training ensures you stay ahead in sustainability practices.

Carbon Ecosystem:

Addressing climate change is a shared responsibility. Partner with us to understand, measure, and reduce your carbon footprint. Let's contribute to a sustainable future together.

Our Services Are Spread Across Four Key Pillars

Pillar 1

Climate Change & Carbon Management

Pillar 2

Sustainability Disclosures and Reporting

Pillar 3

Sustainability Strategies

Pillar 4

Capacity Building & Awareness Program

Our Creative Process Flow

Step 1: Input

  • Brainstorm
  • Benchmark
  • Research
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Design

Step 2: Outcomes

  • Data Collection Tool
  • Data Assessment Toolkits
  • ESG Frameworks
  • Flagship Programme
  • Report Development

Step 3: Influence & Impact

  • ESG Ratings and Awards
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Improved Stakeholder and Investor Confidence
  • Transparency
  • Enhanced Brand Reputation

Carbon Footprint Assessment Approach

  1. Identification of organisation’s value chain to identify the sources of GHG emission and the classification of the scope of emissions.
  2. Identification of relevant data points & development of data collection tool for tracking physical emissions data from scopes 1 and 2 of the organisation.
  3. A “GHG Data Collection Dashboard” will be developed in-house.
  4. In-house team to initiate development of emissions inventory and baseline year of emission.

Reporting Practices aligned to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard: 

Value Chain Mapping

Note: A sample value chain has been added above. The aim is to ensure that all the emissions sources are identified through the use of the mapped value chain and add them within the GHG inventory. The GHG inventory would include scopes 1 and 2 of emissions from all business divisions of the reporting organisation

Transparent Reporting

Part of our deliverable to Taliworks’ Carbon Footprint Assessment is a Final presentation, an infographic reporting of the company’s key carbon footprint performance highlights and an Approach Paper covering all the technical aspects of GHG reporting standards.

Sample Infographic Reporting

Sample Presentation

Data Assessments via Proprietary Data Collection Tool

What is a Proprietary Data Collection Tool?

  • Consolidates industry-relevant sustainability indicators and best practice so that companies can make use of the guidelines to store, compile and disclose sustainability impacts to a high standard.
  • Offers best practice examples of data collection, sustainability indicators and best practice disclosures so that companies can evidence sustainability impacts to the highest standards.

Why is It Important?

  • The checklist serves as a guide for data collection and ensures data integrity. The checklist is guided by GRI standards and/or local regulatory requirements, so that companies can produce an audit-ready disclosure document relevant for global financial analysts (such as MSCI/ESG/FTSE/Russell indices).

Capacity Building Through Data Workshops and Clinics

What is a Data Clinic?

  • A structured engagement session that takes place between the advisors and key data owners
  • These engagements offers a deep dive into data and information required for effective disclosure.

Why are Data Clinics Important?

  • To produce a high-quality reports, the data produced by the company must also be comprehensive and detailed.
  • The Data Clinic is designed to help corporate data owners understand why this data is important and how to effectively communicate it within a report

Meet Our Working Team

Dr. Saleh Shadman

Specialises in Carbon Footprint assessments and carbon mitigation strategies while also working on ESG and EESG disclosures and framework development for clients across diverse industries.

Venice Yee

Has been in the previous experiences to plan Recruitment Activities, Conduct Trainings, Manage the Workers’ Welfare, Implement Marketing Strategies & Solicit for New Businesses / Projects for the Company since 2004. 

William Yap

With more than 20 years of professional experience working with leading Public Listed Companies as a Head of Human Resources and Business Operations in Malaysia, William Yap serves as a competent, knowledgeable and versatile trainer.

Jasreen Kaur Gill

An experienced Account Manager with a proven track record of 6 years in sales and management across the banking, e-commerce (logistics), and telecommunications sectors.

Phahmee Ahanaf Khalid

Worked in notable projects like the carbon sequestration of Shaheed Zayan Chowdhury park. In 2023, he represented City, University of London at the London Student Sustainability Conference and published on topics like carbon sequestration and energy policy.

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